Message of the President

Coach Portrait   

The 6th international Iranian Heart Failure Summit which is held on May 2018, is definitely a great opportunity for the regional and international experts and thought holders in the field of Heart Failure and even those who are merely interested, to receive the latest information on Heart Failure.

It is an honor for me, as the president of the 6th International Iranian Heart Failure Summit, and all the scientific and executive colleagues, to coordinate and gather the professors of opinion in order to provide the chance to present recent scientific subjects and achievements, new ways of diagnosis and modern equipment and facilities used in diagnosis of illnesses and cure of patients.

As Heart Failure spreads, the way to approach the patients, treatment modalities in advanced heart failure and the importance of follow-up treatment after being discharged from the hospital, are all of great significance. Amongst the main topics discussed in the Summit I should like to mention identification of high risk patients, measures to take in order to support them and understanding new pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments.

Moreover, we have done our best to address the issue of important risk factors such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes in Heart Failure. I hope that, like previous Summits, we will witness an increase in both the quality and quantity of the content.  

I am sure that with your warm participation at the Summit, we can provide the opportunity to exchange information and scientific achievements by taking advantage of the experiences of the local and international professors in a friendly and scientific ambience.

Sharif-kashani B, MD