Message of the scientific secetary

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After more than a decade since the 1st International Iranian Heart Failure Summit which was held with the effort made by Dr. Mohammadreza Motamedi as the chairman and his fellow cardiology professors from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, we have had great improvements in terms of accomplishment and quality of congress which have also been acknowledged by invited guests and participants of this biannual Summit.

 Moreover, we have been able to attract more audience and to have the contribution of more international invited speakers in the Summit.
We have decided to hold the Summit in collaboration with the Iranian Heart Failure Association which was founded last year.

I should mention that, like the previous years we would benefit the contribution of WHFS and also related national associations.
I hope to have taken a positive step to improve the level of the Summit and achieve its goals by making this decision.

Saeed Alipour Parsa MD