Top ten tourist destinations in Tehran

1 Golestan palace

The Golestan Palace is one of the most beautiful and oldest historical complexes in Tehran, a masterpiece from the Qajar period and a combination of beautiful Iranian art and the architecture which is inspired by that of the western countries. The complex includes Shamsol Emareh, Hall of Fame, Mirror Hall, Avon Marble Bed, Marble Throne, Basin, Abyaz Palace (Golestan Palace), Khalvat Karimkhani, ،The Windpipe Building, Ivory Hall, Diamond Hall, Brilliant Hall and Windpipe Basin. The complex is located on the 15th of June Street in downtown Tehran. Nowrouz holiday, given the privacy of the city, is a great opportunity to visit this palace. Also around the Golestan Palace, there are recreational trains and horse carriages in the old city of Tehran, from the square of Imam Khomeini to the Arg square and you can see round the historical heart of the city.


2 Saad Abad Palace Museum

The Saad Abad complex is located in the temperate valley of Darband. This complex of mansions and palaces was built during the Qajar period as the country house of kings and has undergone two historical periods of the first and second Pahlavi. The Saad Abad complex consists of the Green Museum Palace, the Behzad Museum, the Mir Emad Museum, the Museum of Waterworks, the Farshchian Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Anthropology, the Museum of Art and Nations, the Museum of Water and the Military Museum.


3 Darband

Darband is a temperate area at the foothills of the Alborz Mountains. In addition to its beautiful nature, it also has good routes for climbing, which ends in the Shirapla sanctuary and the Twin Waterfall. Do not miss Iranian restaurants in Nowrouz.


4 Milad Tower

Milad Tower is the tallest tower in Iran and the sixth largest telecommunication tower in the world which makes it an interesting attraction to everyone to watch the city of Tehran from above the tower. Enjoying the clean air and spring weather in Nowrouz along with the skyline of Tehran from the open-air platform is a unique experience that should not be missed. The glass dome on the top floor of the tower, the tower restaurant and the world's largest revolving restaurant in the Milad Tower with the Paintball Club, Dolphinarium, the Cinema and Nowrouzgan Celebration in the Milad Tower complex are among other spectacles of this tourist spot.


 5 The market of Tajrish

Tajrish market is a traditional market in Tehran, which always has a great traditional atmosphere in the days of Nowruz and the final days of the year, and there are people who come here to visit the market and the pilgrimage of Imamzadeh Saleh in the vicinity of this market.


 6 The Roof of Tehran and Tochal

The roof of Tehran or Tochal complex is located at the highest point of Velenjak in the foothills of Alborz. This complex is a good place for those who are interested in climbing and who come to rest and relax. The facilities include a Resort Sled, a 5-D Cinema, a Tele cabin Resort, Cheshme Tele siege, a Zip-Line Club, an Archery and a Ski Club, which offer the visitors clean air and tranquility of the day.


 7 Charsu Cineplex

The Charsu Cineplex in the city center of Tehran is one of the most equipped cinemas in the country. Due to the briliant performances of Nowruz, seeing a good movie in one of Tehran's top cinemas is a good choice for a holiday.


 8 Nature Bridge and Silk Bridge

The nature bridge and silk bridge are located above the highways of Madras and Hemmat, which connects Taleghani, Water and Fire and Nowrouz parks in the Abbas Abad complex.


 9 Lake Persian Gulf

Chitgar Lake in west of Tehran is a different recreation complex in Tehran, which has a beautiful and pleasant environment with great views. Riding a boat, Flying Slide, Pyramid of Excitement and Safari Park are from the attractions of this lake.


 10 Birds Garden

The birds garden is located in the eastern part of Tehran, in the forest of Lavizan, and is the habitat for many birds, guided by the winding paths designed in the garden, to lead you to visit a variety of birds