• 6th International Iranian Heart Failure Summit

    6th International Iranian Heart Failure Summit

    Shahid Beheshti University International Conference Center

  • 6th International Iranian Heart Failure Summit

Coach Portrait

Coach PortraitMessage of the President

The 6th international Iranian Heart Failure Summit which is held on May 2018, is definitely a great opportunity for the regional and international experts and thought holders in the field of Heart Failure and even those who are merely interested, to receive the latest information on Heart Failure.

It is an honor for me, as the president of the 6th International Iranian Heart Failure Summit, and all the scientific and executive colleagues, to coordinate and gather the professors of opinion in order to provide the chance to present recent scientific subjects and achievements, new ways of diagnosis and modern equipment and facilities used in diagnosis of illnesses and cure of patients.

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Coach PortraitMessage of the Scientific Secetary

After more than a decade since the 1st International Iranian Heart Failure Summit which was held with the effort made by Dr. Mohammadreza Motamedi as the chairman and his fellow cardiology professors from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, we have had great improvements in terms of accomplishment and quality of congress which have also been acknowledged by invited guests and participants of this biannual Summit.

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پوستر ششمین کنگره نارسائی قلب ایران


Poster of the 6th Summit


Invited Speakers

  • Professor Ali Hamedanchi

    Professor Ali Hamedanchi

  • Professor Antonello Gavazzi

    Professor Antonello Gavazzi

  • Professor Arsen Ristic

    Professor Arsen Ristic

  • Professor Byung Hee Oh

    Professor Byung Hee Oh

  • Professor Cihangir Kaymaz

    Professor Cihangir Kaymaz

  • Professor Elham Keyvanpour

    Professor Elham Keyvanpour

  • Professor Farbod Sedaghat Hamedani

    Professor Farbod Sedaghat Hamedani

  • Professor Farid Aliyev

    Professor Farid Aliyev

  • Professor Farshad Ghezelbash

    Professor Farshad Ghezelbash

  • Professor Franco Cecchi

    Professor Franco Cecchi

  • Professor Gianfranco Parati

    Professor Gianfranco Parati

  • Professor Hossein Tabriziani

    Professor Hossein Tabriziani

  • Professor Johannes Waltenberger

    Professor Johannes Waltenberger

  • Professor Luciano Potena

    Professor Luciano Potena

  • Professor Mehdi Zoghi

    Professor Mehdi Zoghi

  • Professor Mehmet Serdar Kkolu

    Professor Mehmet Serdar Kkolu

  • Professor Michel Noutsias

    Professor Michel Noutsias

  • Professor Nebojsa Tasic

    Professor Nebojsa Tasic

  • Professor Ramin Tolouian

    Professor Ramin Tolouian

  • Professor Shahrokh Javaheri

    Professor Shahrokh Javaheri

  • Professor Simon Stewart

    Professor Simon Stewart

  • Professor Stephan von Haehling

    Professor Stephan von Haehling

  • Proffesor Fuad Samadov

    Proffesor Fuad Samadov

  • Proffesor Sabrina Lck

    Proffesor Sabrina Lck

  • professor Sven Martens

    professor Sven Martens

    Introducing Speakers...

    Main Topics

    • Acute heart failure, diagnosis and cure

    • Advanced heart failure

    • Cardiomyopathies with special interest in Amyloidosis

    • Novel medical treatments

    • Hypertension, kidney and heart failure

    • Diabetes, and heart failure

    • Increased thromboembolic pulmonary arterial hypertension

    • Heart and multi-organ transplant

    • Arrhythmias in heart failure

    Our Aim

    • To improve the scientific level of professors, cardiologists, other related specialists, general physicians, specialized and professional residents and nurses.
    • To be informed of the latest  global advancements in prevention, diagnosis and cure of Heart Failure.
    • To introduce the significant advances of The Islamic Republic of Iran in specialized fields such as cardiology to other countries and scientific centers.
    • To create scientific interactions between Iranian and foreign research groups and societies.



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