0ur Aim

-To improve the scientific level of professors, cardiologists, other related specialists, general physicians, specialized and professional residents and nurses.
-To be informed of the latest global advancements in prevention, diagnosis and cure of Heart Failure.
-To introduce the significant advances of The Islamic Republic of Iran in specialized fields such as cardiology to other countries and scientific centers.
-To create scientific interactions between Iranian and foreign research groups and societies.

Main Topics

-Acute heart failure, diagnosis and cure
-Advanced heart failure
- Cardiomyopathies with special interest in Amyloidosis
-Novel medical treatments
-Hypertension, kidney and heart failure
-Diabetes, and heart failure
-Increased thromboembolic pulmonary arterial hypertension
-Heart and multi-organ transplant
-Arrhythmias in heart failure
-Advanced invasive therapies to prevent or cure heart failure


Days left until start of the Congress

Some Pictures of Heart Failure Congresses